May 8, 2015 Sam Henry

Making at Morgan State University

#HBCUHacks is underway at Morgan State University! We’ll update this page throughout the night to keep everyone posted with our progress.


Earlier today Autodesk gave us a Demo of their Fusion 360 software.

Two of our other sponsors, US Navy and State Farm Insurance with their display tables.

Four people pitched ideas in our initial pitch session.

Students formed teams based on the ideas that were presented.

We began with 3 teams. They’re building…

  • A Home Automation system for Landlords
  • A Wearable Device Based Game
  • A Connected Health tracking device


Update ~8:00pm

A group of students on their way to grab a bite at Subway were captivated by Autodesk’s 3D printing display. After hearing more about the event, they decided to stick around and join in. We now have a 4th team! Not sure what they’re building yet.


Update ~8:30pm

A 5th team is in the works. Still contemplating what they want to build.

Up to 24 student attendees at the moment.


Update ~ 9:00pm

Mentors are talking with teams, helping them refine their ideas and put together action plans.


Update ~11:30pm

One group is building a model for a wearable device using Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software. Once complete, they plan to print their model with our Makerbot 3D printer.


Update ~2:00am

First team to use the 3D Printer has just uploaded their file for printing.


Update ~3am

Three groups still going. A second group is preparing a file for the 3D Printer.


Update ~ 7am

The sun is up. So are we… Some of us.

The Makerbot 3D Printer has been printing for the past 5-6 hours. One team has just finished printing a prototype of their wearable health stats tracking device. Another team is now using the Makerbot to print a case to enclose their Home Automation device. They’ve also come up with a logo to brand their company.



Update ~ 1pm

With 1 hour to go, teams are putting finishing touches on their presentations. One team is making video edits. Another team is still rewiring a breadboard. Another team seems to have everything ready to go, just rehearsing their pitch.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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